Tuesday, May 3

Larry Wilson May 6
Katie Peck May 6
David Maynard May 7
Dwight & Molly Mathias May 9

The Chevy Chase Farmer’s Market is now open Wednesdays, 8-noon, in our parking lot!


Men’s Cook Out Wednesday, May 10th 6.00pm

lakeside at the home of Mike Stratford                 click here for map
contact Chris little (417-773-69580 or Larry Wilson (859-312-7134)
All men are welcome!!!

The Young Adults-Families Community Group

Time: 5.00-7.00pm  Sunday, May 15
Location: the Andersons 2472 Heather Ct., 40503
Contact: Hannah Anderson 859-327-9636 hmtroutman@gmail.com
Food provided. Children welcome. RSVP not necessary but helpful when able.

ReVive!!! Weekend

What a great weekend! Thanks be to God!
Feedback for the Rector and the Vestry would be very helpful. Please take a minute to answer some questions.