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Remembrance Sunday

November 21st 

Bring photos or mementoes of loved ones you would like remembered. There will be a place to place these items at the altar as we worship.. Names of those to be remembered will be read aloud during the service.
Places to Connect & Places to Serve


Bible Study
Time:   10.00-11.30am   Weekly 
Location:  Sanctuary
Contact:  Martin Gornik   859-539-2357
Description:      Studying the Letter to the Hebrews.



Women’s Book Club

Time:   12:30—2pm   Weekly 

Location:  Apostles Youth Room

Contact: Diane Gornik   859-806-2444
       Jane Winegardner   859-509-1096


Description: Reading “Liturgy of the Ordinary”, by Tish Harrison Warren. Bring lunch if you ‘d like.


Men’s Group

Time:  6:30—8pm   Weekly

Location: The Wilson’s, 158 Preston Avenue

Contact:  Larry Wilson   859-312-7134
                Chris Little      417-773-6958


Women’s Contemplative Prayer

Time:  6:30—8pm   Every Other Week

Location: The Dragoo’s, 524 Chinoe Road
Contact:  Michelle Dragoo    859-396-6580
                 Ruth Stanley          859-312-4872 


Description: Listening prayer and God conversations.



Little Church

Time:  6:15—8:15pm   Weekly

Location:  The Zonio’s,  4810 Hartland Pkwy

Contact: Erin Zonio     859-287-9480
                Pam Buck     859-536-6716
Description:      Light dinner and guided conversation each week.



Men’s Group

Time:   10:00—11am   Weekly

Location:  Apostles Anglican Church Lobby

Contact:  Eric Bostrom    859-699-9216
Description:      Fellowship and encouragement.



Worship Team

Contact:             David Ray   706-676-6478  david.j.ray@asburyseminary


Stream Team

Contact:             Paul Varnardo   504-256-1382

Description:      Manage the Facebook streaming and the sound board for the Sunday 10.55 Service. Team members serve on a rotation of about once a month depending numbers.


Children’s Ministry Team

Contact:  Angela Rehorn   859-285-6826

Description: Teams of 2-3 people each Sunday for elementary age children.  There is a point person with others to assist.  There is a curriculum followed to facilitate preparation.