Other Places to Connect & Serve


Third Sunday
Time: 5.00-7.00pm  Third Sunday of the month
Location: The Andersons,  2472 Heather Ct., Lexington, KY 40503
Contact:  Hannah Anderson   859-327-9636   hmtroutman@gmail.com

Description:  Food provided. Children welcome. RSVP not necessary but helpful when able. 



Bible Study
Time: 10—11:30am   Weekly
Location: Fellowship Hall
Contact:  Martin Gornik   859-245-1318    martin@apostleslex.com
Description: We are currently working through the Gospel of Mark. 
Little Church

Time:  6:15 – 8:15pm   Weekly

Location: The Zonios,  4810 Hartland Pkwy

Contact: Erin Zonio     859-287-9480      erin@zonios.org
                Pam Buck     859-536-6716      pam@apostleslex.com
Description:  Light dinner and guided conversation each week.
Young Adult/Young Family (YAYF) Small Group

Time:  6:30—8:30pm  Weekly

Location: The Dorrells,  3316 Fort Harrods Ct., Lexington, KY 40513

Contact: Jacob Dorrell     859-608-8290      jacob.dorrell@me.com
Description: A time to connect through presence (with each other and God) as we pursue what it means to be God’s kids on mission in our every day lives. We will worship, discuss scripture, eat food, and walk forward together. Children welcome!


Women’s Book Club   

Time:  12:30—2pm   Weekly   beginning September 14th

Location:  Apostles Youth Room

Contact: Diane Gornik   859-806-2444    grnk4fma@aol.com
                Jane Winegardner   859-509-1096     kyfoxhunter@gmail.com


Description: The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith


Young Adult/Young Family (YAYF) Small Group

Time:  6:30—8pm  Weekly

Location: The Hoods, 298 Colony Blvd, Lexington, KY 40502

Contact: Samuel Hood     816-518-5346      samuel@apostleslex.org
Start Date: Wednesday, March 8
Description: Fellowship, prayer and worship, and rich discussion of God’s Word. Light snacks and drinks are provided. Children are welcome.
Men’s Group

Time:  6:30—8pm   Weekly

Location: The Wilson’s, 158 Preston Ave., Lexington, KY 

Contact:  Larry Wilson   859-312-7134    wilsonappsr@mymetronet.net
                 Chris Little      417-773-6958    cclittle85@gmail.com
Description: Fellowship, encouragement, spiritual conversation.


Women’s Contemplative Prayer

Time:  6:30—8pm   Every Other Week

Location: The Dragoo’s, 524 Chinoe Road
Contact:  Michelle Dragoo    859-396-6580    michelledragoo1@me.com
                 Ruth Stanley          859-312-4872     ruthemus@yahoo.com 


Description: Listening prayer and God conversations.

Ladies of the Lake

Time: 6.30—8.00pm  Every Other Week  weather permitting
Location: The Stratford’s, 543 Laketower Dr.  In the Clubhouse
Contact: Linda Stratford      859-553-1024      lstratford@asbury.edu


     Bring a folding chair

     Bring your own beverage-of-choice (BYOB) 

     Meet lakesideon the lawn (see attached MAP)
Description: Fellowship and encouragement.



Men’s Group

Time:   10:00—11am   Weekly

Location:  Apostles Anglican Church Patio

Contact:  Eric Bostrom    859-699-9216   eriwak@gmail.com
Description:  Fellowship and encouragement.



Worship Team

Contact:  Maddie Hood   859-245-1318  maddie@apostleslex.com


Stream Team

Contact:  Paul Varnardo   504-256-1382  pdva222@gmail.co

Description:  Manage the Facebook streaming and the sound board for the Sunday 10.55 Service. Team members serve on a rotation of about once a month depending numbers.


Children’s Ministry Team

Contact:  Laurie Armstrong 859-245-1318  

Description: Teams of 2-3 people each Sunday for elementary age children.  There is a point person with others to assist.  There is a curriculum followed to facilitate preparation.