(Wedne)sday, August 17 2022

Doug Woodall        August 14
Evelyn Davis          August 15
Erin Zonio              August 19
Michelle l Rudzik August 21
Chris Little             August 22
Jim Bowden           August 22
Gatewood and Ann Gay              August 16
Barry and Elise Irvin                   August 20
Rob and Judy Shropshire          August 21
Mike and Linda Stratford          August 23
Matthew and Laurie Armstrong  August 24
Third Sunday Young Adult Group  This week. 5.30pm. Dinner is provided. Children welcome. RSVP helpful.
Ben and Hannah Anderson, 2472 Heather Ct., Lexington, 859-327-9636

Fall Calendar

September  9       Tailgate Party
October 7             ReNew Evening with Praise & Prayer, guest speaker: Winfield Bevins
October 28           Firepit Party
November 4-6     Women’s Retreat
December 18       Christmas Parish Dinner
Atrium Training open to anyone interested!
August 27 (from 9-12 noon)
This summer there will be 2 opportunities to receive some in-house training for anyone interested in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program for our children.  Ruth Stanley has graciously offered to teach, lead, guide us (adults) through some of the lessons and attributes of this Montessori style classroom for our students.  If you are interested or have questions, please contact Angela Rehorn 859-285-6826 or 3rehorns@gmail.com
See our web page for details on how you can help serve the people of Eastern KY with flood relief!!
Women!!  You can sign up for the Fall Women’s Retreat!!   Click here for details
Akos Boachie and Cinda Brown have been serving at the Hope Center, a ministry started many years ago at Apostles. They join others in serving “buffet style”, the men at the Hope Center. Akos is looking for people to join them. They currently serve the second Friday of each month from 5PM- 6PM. Contact Akos for more details:  859-537-9965.
Remember: The Chevy Chase Farmers’ Market meets in our parking lot every Wednesday morning, 8am-noon.