We Need Your Help!!

Dear Apostles Family,

I want to ask you to do something for our parish and diocese. Bishop Engel is asking every congregation in the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes to complete a short survey that assesses the health of each congregation. This will help diocesan leadership examine how well our churches are doing as well as give each congregation a chance to look at their own health as a church.

The survey is overseen by a ministry of the American Anglican Council called Revitalize led by The Rev. Canon Mark Eldridge.  One benefit of the survey is that Canon Mark will assess it then give feedback to us tailored to the results of our survey.

The way the survey works is members of the congregation are asked to take the survey. I took it and the time involved was less than 10 minutes. Here is a link to the survey – http://remissioning.com/church-health/?church_id=b970e4dc09

Please take some time to fill this out. I am looking forward to learning from this assessment so we can know where we need to do some work as a parish. Your input is essential for us doing that well.


Fr. Martin and the Vestry