Tuesday, March 29

David Ray             April 2
Paul Varnado       April 2
Lori Wallace         April 4
Nathan Bentley    April 4
Lambsy Graves    April 5
Elaine  and Harvey Whitehouse         April 4
Trevor Durbin’s Ordination  April 9  at 11:30
Holy Week Schedule
Maundy Thursday   April 14 
    6:00pm –  Meal, Eucharist, and Stripping of the Altar
                  click here for details and sign up    
Good Friday    April 15
   1:00-3:00pm –  Stations of the Cross Concert and Meditation
   6.00pm  –  Good Friday Service
Holy Saturday April 16
    8.00pm –  Easter Vigil   – hosted by St. Patrick’s Anglican
Easter Sunday
   8.30am and 10.55am Celebration Services
   12.15am  Easter Dinner  (Yay!!!!)
               click here for details and sign up
ReVive! Weekend
Save April 29 – May 1 for a time to renew our passion for Christ, get a picture of a healthy church, and look at moving forward after Covid!
Let’s do this Together!!
In preparation for the weekend, join 56 of you friends and take the assessment. This tool will give us a picture of where we are as a “healthy church” and help us maximize our strengths while strengthening our less strong characteristics. The assessment only takes about 10 minutes!!     click here to take the assessment