Tuesday, March 15

Tempa Hohman               March 16
Dominic Verry                  March 17
Hannah Anderson           March 17
Mark Rehorn                    March 19
Chuck Farley                     March 20
Mitt McKinstry                March 20
Gretchen Blackburn       March 22
Patti & Jim Bowden       March 18
Wednesday Noon Eucharist  1st & 3rd Wednesdays
Will resume tomorrow, March 16
Vestry Retreat DayThis Saturday  Please be praying for the Vestry’s planning day.
Holy Week Schedule
Maundy Thursday   April 14 
    6:00pm –  Meal and Stripping of the Altar
Good Friday    April 15
   1:00-3:00pm –  Stations of the Cross Concert and Meditation
   6.00pm  –  Good Friday Service
Holy Saturday April 16
  Easter Vigil   – St. Patrick’s (detail to follow)
If you are looking for a place to connect during the week, see the ‘Community/Events and Groups” page on our website