Tuesday, June7

Kristi Durbin       June 10
Vesper Durbin     June 10
Katherine Forgy  June 12
Ann Graves          June 13
no anniversaries this week
Confirmation Prep: Understanding the Anglican Way
Wednesday, July 6 6.30-8.30 or Sunday, July 10 12.30-2.30
If you are interested in being confirmaed, please attend one of these. Bishop Roger Ames will be with us Sunday, July 17, for our annual visit. This visit will include Confirmation. Any one interested in confirmation at this time can contact Martin or Pam.

Clothers for Kids: St. Patrick’s and Apostles will be collecting clothes for kids at Cassidy Elementary and Morton Middle Schools. Items are needed for kids ages 5 yrs to 14 yrs old. Please bring any contributions on Sundays June 5, 12 & 19. The items needed are: sweatshirts, jogging pants, T shirts, socks, underwear, bras/training bras, tank undershirts, shoes, belts, and leggings. This is a wonderful oppertunity to bless families who are struggling to provide basics for their kids.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study:  Jack McComas will be leading a study on the parables on Tuesday mornings this summer. It is a great opportunity to start Bible Study if you are looking for an easy in. Join us!!!
All Wednesday Women’s groups will NOT be meeting for the next 3 weeks. Check the calendar for start up dates.
Samuel Hood will be joining the Apostles’ staff July 5th. He graduated from Asbury Seminary Last weekend with an MDiv. He will be giving leadership to the youth and young adults.
Bishop’s Visit July 17