T(hur)sday, June23

Emmanuel Okorley  June 25
Jason Peck                  June 25
Rebecca Scott            June 26
no anniversaries this week
Confirmation Prep: Understanding the Anglican Way
Wednesday, July 6 6.30-8.30 or Sunday, July 10 12.30-2.30
If you are interested in being confirmed, please attend one of these. Bishop Roger Ames will be with us Sunday, July 17, for our annual visit. This visit will include Confirmation. Any one interested in confirmation at this time can contact Martin or Pam.
Atrium Training open to anyone interested!
July 16 (from 9-12 noon)
August 27 (from 9-12 noon)
This summer there will be 2 opportunities to receive some in-house training for anyone interested in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program for our children.  Ruth Stanley has graciously offered to teach, lead, guide us (adults) through some of the lessons and attributes of this Montessori style classroom for our students.  If you are interested or have questions, please contact Angela Rehorn 859-285-6826 or 3rehorns@gmail.com

Sunday Worship Prayer Ministry  Please contact the office if you are interested in serving a a prayer minister on Sunday Mornings. 

Tuesday Morning Bible Study:  Jack McComas will be leading a study on the parables on Tuesday mornings this summer. It is a great opportunity to start Bible Study if you are looking for an easy in. Join us!!!
All Wednesday Women’s groups will NOT be meeting for the next 3 weeks. Check the calendar for start up dates.