Prayer Request

Anonymous, May 17, 2022 - 3:23 am

Celebrate with us God's grace and love to our family!
Back in September of 2021, many of you began standing with us in prayer and support for our 7 yr old Grandaughter Addison. She was diagnosed with an incurable. progressive auto immune disorder similar to MS, called NMO. She had lost her sight as well as issues. The prognosis was not great.

Since that time, most of her sight has fully returned in one eye and improved in the other. She is back in school and doing great.yesterday she went Cincinnati CH for an MRI. Here is the report from her mother. God is good! We thank all of you for standing with us.

"Addison had her MRI yesterday. She was sedated this time and I’m so glad because it ended up taking a little over three hours. We don’t go over the result of Addisons MRI with the doctor until Friday morning but from the reports that were posted this morning we know that the lesion on her spine is gone and a lot of the lesions in her brain are gone as well. We were under the impression they could shrink but not completely disappear without a trace and some of them did!!! There are still things there but nothing has grown! "