Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Ruth Anne Reese         November 9
NaNa Ofori                    November 11
Barry Irvin                     November 11
Elia Zonio                       November 12
Erik Bostrom                 November 12
Kathy Brooks                 November 15
Christian Griebenow    November 15
Larry and Cindy Wilson      November 14
Mark and Angela Rehorn    November 17
Bob Ein passed away on November 3rd. There will be a service for him this Sunday at 1.00pm
Debbie Gaines resigned as our Parish Administrator to devote more time to her Real Estate  job. Please thank Debbie for all she did for Apostles over the last 9 month. Sarah Freeman will be rejoining our staff in that position beginning November 15. Welcome back, Sarah!
December 11 Lessons and Carols
December 18 Christmas Parish Dinner
Akos Boachie and Cinda Brown have been serving at the Hope Center, a ministry started many years ago at Apostles. They join others in serving “buffet style”, the men at the Hope Center. Akos is looking for people to join them. They currently serve the second Friday of each month from 5PM- 6PM. Contact Akos for more details: 859-537-9965.