Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Paul Boling January 3
Dave Morgan January 3
Charles Scales January 5
Emma McKinstry January 6
Robert Shropshire January 10
Dan and Lambsy Graves  January 4
Nathan and Tempa Hohman January 9
Father Martin personally invites you to hear his message this Sunday.
Thursday Service 6:30pm Eve of the Epiphany
Blessing of Water, Prayers, and Eucharist
Preparation of house blessing kits
Akos Boachie and Cinda Brown have been serving at the Hope Center, a ministry started many years ago at Apostles. They join others in serving “buffet style”, the men at the Hope Center. Akos is looking for people to join them. They currently serve the second Friday of each month from 5PM- 6PM. Contact Akos for more details: 859-537-9965.